Stemmerich fabricates flat glass in a variety of shapes, and all dimensions, including diameter and thickness, are fabricated to customer specifications.

Lighting, Medical, Architecture, Precision Optics, Heat Resistant Glass, Appliances, Industrial Furnaces, Wood Stove, Fireplace Glass, Viewports, Sight Windows

CUSTOM FABRICATIONS (Available thicknesses: 0.1 mm – 2″)
Edge Fabrication (Grinding / Polishing), Sand Blasting, Surface Polishing, Drilling, CNC Machining, Waterjet Fabrications

Corning®: Gorilla® Glass 3, Pyroceram® III, Eagle XG, Eagle XG Slim, Fused Silica 7980

Schott®: Borofloat, B-270 Super White, Robax®

Multiple-Sourced: Quartz, Filter Glass, Soda Lime Float Low-e, Soda Lime Float, Neoceram®, Wire Glass

specialty flat glass